the gullet

The Gullet is the Literary Magazine of the Academy for Monsters.  If you have a poem or a short story you’d like to submit to The Gullet, please send it to  The best pieces sent in by readers will be posted here. Submitting poems to The Gullet means that you grant permission for the work to be published here.

These first three poems were written by Timothy Sparkbolt, a member of the newest incoming class at the Academy. These poems have been translated from the original Frankenstein.  We look forward to more poems from Timothy Sparkbolt in the future.

— Volt Crackthunder, managing editor, THE GULLET


by Timothy Sparkbolt

Monster a person though monster not human
Monster like music. Like Wagner! Like Schumann!
World full of stupid.  World full of noise.
Monster feel ANGRY.  No birthday.  No joys.
World full of JUNK monster not comprehend
What is a childhood? What is a friend?
Monster and human both want the same same.
Want Conversation.   Want love.  WANT NO PAIN.
If monster speak heart:  monster life only worsen.
Monster not human:  BUT MONSTER A PERSON!


Roses Red

by  Timothy Sparkbolt

Roses red!
Violets blue!
Humans, destroy.

Road Not Taken Destroy!

by Timothy Sparkbolt

Two roads divide in heinous wood.
Sorry could not destroy them both
Be one monster,  there I stood
And groaned and groaned as best I could
And took the road with poison growth.

Two path explode in wood and me—
Me take path less treachery.
That make difference.
Not much though.


Dragon Dance

by Tiffany Zhang

The dragon
He soars through the sky
Dancing among soft spun clouds
The wind twists
Swirling around him
As he flies on
The skies darken
Lightning leaps
Thunder shrieks
The storm begins
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