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This page is for reviewers who need high-resolution photographs to accompany reviews and features on Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror. The photos below–two author head shots and the book jacket– may be downloaded for your use in publications. The photo credit should run © 2008 James Bowdoin.

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An author bio may be found here. This copy may be edited for space.

If by any chance you didn’t visit the “Ask Quimby” page, doing so will also give you the answers to some of the basics about how and why the book was written.

Click on the book cover to download a hi-rez version.

Jenny Boylan (right) and Frankenstein

Please credit artist Brandon Dorman.

The author may be reached via There is more info about mailing addresses and literary agents on the contact page.

Press inquiries regarding Falcon Quinn should be addressed to publicist Cindy Hamilton at HarperCollins. Contact info for Cindy is as follows:

Cindy Tassai Hammilton
Assistant Director of Publicity
HarperCollins Childrens’ Books
10 East 53rd Street
15th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 207-7915
Cell: (917) 287-3952
Fax: (212) 702-2586
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  • Falcon Quinn is a new series from HarperCollins books about a young man who finds himself turning into a monster. Falcon and his friends find themselves taken to the Academy for Monsters, where they're taught how to imitate human beings, and thus survive in the world. Raising the question: What's the right thing to do-- to imitate something you're not, in order to survive? Or to embrace your true self, if your true self is, say, a zombie?

    The series is written by national bestselling author Jennifer Finney Boylan, and the artwork is by legendary book illustrator Brandon Dorman.