The artwork in Falcon Quinn is by legendary book illustrator Brandon Dorman. To learn more about Brandon, click here.

If you have a drawing of the characters in Falcon Quinn, send them to and we’ll post them here! (and yes, sending them in means you give us permission to post them.)

The newest contribution to this page is by reader Anastazja Jurkoic, who send us a full page of sketches of FQ characters.  Thanks, Anastazja!


And here’s a drawing of  Megan Crofton, done by Audy Dwi Putra.  I love this!

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  • Falcon Quinn is a new series from HarperCollins books about a young man who finds himself turning into a monster. Falcon and his friends find themselves taken to the Academy for Monsters, where they're taught how to imitate human beings, and thus survive in the world. Raising the question: What's the right thing to do-- to imitate something you're not, in order to survive? Or to embrace your true self, if your true self is, say, a zombie?

    The series is written by national bestselling author Jennifer Finney Boylan, and the artwork is by legendary book illustrator Brandon Dorman.